Prevention Of Running Injuries

No one ever got stronger during a workout; it is only after hard work that your fitness and injury prevention capacity evolves. The stress placed on your body during running stimulates a healing reaction from the body that will result in a “shoring” up of the tissue as your body attempts to get stronger and better able to tolerate the load. If you help your body adapt to the stress by following the science of warm up and recovery you become stronger and more resilient to injury.

This article by Robert Forster provides tips on what do before, during and after a run to minmise the risks of injury. Robert has a successful history of helping motivated athletes of all abilities and ages, in all sports, attain their performance goals, and do it injury free. HisĀ  programs have been utilized for 25 years to help create dozens of Olympic gold medalists, NBA champions, Ironman world record holders, Wimbledon and US Open champions. In the process numerous world records have been set.


Before Workouts

Hydration and Nutrition


Warm Up

During Workouts


Hydration and Calories

Don’t Sprint

After Workouts

Cool Down

Nutrition and Hydration


Foam Roller


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