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Whats The Most Scientific Workout?

With winter closing in, don’t let your fitness fall behind! The calories you burn during workouts are inconsequential to your overall body weight or body fat content! Instead, it is how well you use your exercise time to reprogram your

Stop The Insanity

“Every day we see more extreme “fitness programs” advertised with high-intensity workouts and volumes of work that even my elite athletes would never hold up to. And every day, we see the injuries in the clinic that define these workouts

Joint Stability – Shoulder Stabilisation

Choosing a fitness programme? There are some programs out theresucha s p90x where its intensive exercise from day one, jumping through hoops by the end of the week you are visiting the physical therapist! Too often however, the urgency to

Why Strength Training For Women?

Research continues to uncover more and more reasons why working out with weights is good for you, many women continue to avoid strength training for fear of developing big muscles. The benfits of strength training: To increase your resting metabolism,