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Prevention Of Running Injuries

No one ever got stronger during a workout; it is only after hard work that your fitness and injury prevention capacity evolves. The stress placed on your body during running stimulates a healing reaction from the body that will result in a “shoring” up of the tissue as your body attempts to get stronger and better able to tolerate the load. If you help your body adapt to the stress by following the science of warm up and recovery you become stronger and more resilient to injury.

This article by Robert Forster provides tips on what do before, during and after a run to minmise the risks of injury. Robert has a successful history of helping motivated athletes of all abilities and ages, in all sports, attain their performance goals, and do it injury free. His  programs have been utilized for 25 years to help create dozens of Olympic gold medalists, NBA champions, Ironman world record holders, Wimbledon and US Open champions. In the process numerous world records have been set.


Before Workouts

Hydration and Nutrition


Warm Up

During Workouts


Hydration and Calories

Don’t Sprint

After Workouts

Cool Down

Nutrition and Hydration


Foam Roller


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Injury Prevention Clinic: The key to remaining injury free lies in scientifically sound training principles

The majority of athletic injuries result from poorly designed training programs which often lead to over training or unnecessary wear and tear on the muscles, joints, and connective tissue. The remainder are caused by pre-existing structural and muscular imbalances in the athlete’s body that are only detectable via a comprehensive Phase IV Structural Examination by an experienced¬† Physical Therapist.

Periodization training breaks the training program into cycles (or periods) where fitness is developed in a scientifically rational sequence, helping you adapt to the stress of exercise and will shore up the areas of your body which are especially vulnerable to injury.

Learn how to correct your structural imbalances with proper strength and flexibility exercises and other interventions that will allow you to keep and lead the active lifestyle you strive to maintain.

At this clinic you will learn:

– If you feel pain in the same area of your body for 2 workouts in any seven day period you have an
injury which needs immediate attention
– How proper strength and flexibility exercises will increase resiliency to injury
– How Periodization Training programs prevent injury
– How ergonomics in the work place and home impact athletic injuries
– How to address injuries when they occur and minimize your down time
– Why rest alone does not heal sports injuries

Presenting Kent Moody, P.T., Forster Physical Therapy

WHEN: Saturday, Oct 20th at 1:00pm

WHERE: Forster Physical Therapy.  427 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica

Call 310.582.8212