Pre, During And Post Exercise Nutrition

A physically active lifestyle or sports person requires a nutritional plan that provides additional good quality calories and nutrients to replace those used or depleted in exercise. Exercise drains nutrients from the body, can you gain them from fruits and vegetables alone. Offers sustained energy and effective hydration to fuel performance. Provides good quality protein to build and repair muscle and aid recovery. Provides complex carbohydrates for slow and quick energy release:

Nutrition is an essential component of any fitness program. Herbalife 24 products will help you get the most out of your 24 fit workouts:

Pre- Workout MealHerbalife24 Formula 1 Sport is light easy to digest meal which gives you complete cellular nutrition.. It is similar to the regular Formula 1 nutritional shake, but with a few tweaks to give the athlete the edge.

Pre- Workout DrinkPrepare is used before a workout to increase blood flow, which supports oxygen delivery and promotes muscle growth, improved strength, speeds muscle recovery and supports delivery of nutrients. It basically provides nutrition and energy to athletes before they begin their workout. Gives an energy explosion and promotes a general health and wellness energy as well as decrease fatigue

During Workout Drink – Less than one hour of exercise use Hydrate to replace electrolytes and vitamins B and C . And when working out for over one hour, then use Prolong which contains electrolytes, carboydrates, vitamins B and C and a small amount of protein for pre-recovery.

Herbalife 24 Prolong

Post Workout DrinksRebuild Endurance is for the aerobic athlete after their workout. It rebuilds nutrition and water and replenishes glycogen. It is good for serious aerobic workouts, running or any cardiovascular exercise. Speeds recovery time. It can also benefit the person doing a moderate workout at just half a serving. Rebuild Strength is used after a workout for the person who does resistant type training. It helps rebuild muscles after a workout and supports immune function

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