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24Fit Workout Reviews

Here is a selection of reviews for the new 24Fit workout program

“I am near the end of week two. Today is activity day- I will mow the lawn with a ‘green’ mower (all human powered). Sunday is a rest day. My body can tell that I have worked all those small so important muscles!! I feel like my legs and abs have really gotten stronger– I can go from sitting down to standing with one leg — no problem. I am looking forward to the next 22 weeks. I will complete the program the first week of October!! ”

Week 3 of phase 3. Love it! Challenging, motivating, and straight up POWER. The first 2 phases are making phase 3 worth every minute! I know I am strong and I know my weaknesses. Work hard and press on!!! Melissa ”

I really like way the rotation is structured: 30 minute workouts are perfect for my weekday schedule, and a 5 day per week structure is also ideal, because I like to do my own thing on the weekends (I always do anyway, but I love that it’s built into the “official” rotation schedule).”

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