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Whats The Most Scientific Workout?

With winter closing in, don’t let your fitness fall behind! The calories you burn during workouts are inconsequential to your overall body weight or body fat content! Instead, it is how well you use your exercise time to reprogram your daily physiology that matters. Use strength training 3 times a week, for 30 mins plus your favourite cardio such as brisk walking, swimming and cycling.

What are the options?

At the gym with equipment, hopefully with good instruction.
At fit camp using your own body weight as resistance.
Or using you tube videos, picking exercises at random.
At the swimming pool with aqua aerobics using resistance bands.
At home using resistance bands and dumbbells, with the 24 Fit Workout.

All have their merits. Which is best? The one you will do on a regular basis that becomes habit forming.

The most scientific? Take a look at the 24 Fit Workout, a 24 week programme with 3 phases.


  • Teach your body to burn body fat over time rather than just burn carbs..
  • Address common vulnerabilities of the human body regardless of age or previous activity level. Make your body more resilient to injury, unlike many “insane workouts” which lead to injuries
  • Periodization training so you need to sequence your training, to develop one aspect of fitness at a time and then use that as a foundation to build the next. And principles which recognise that all exercise is much less effective if rest and recovery periods are not provided.
  • Workout lasts for 30 mins, the time it would take you to drive to the gym and back!. This length of workout is achievable over time. “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
  • You will be less likely to quit the 24 Fit Workout once you get started because it follows scientific training principles. The program progresses your fitness naturally, so that you not only keep going, but never want to stop!
  • Improve posture with 24Fit. Standing up straight can improve breathing and digestion. And uses less energy. A good antidote for all those people stuck at their desks all day.
  •  Has 3 levels of difficulty so any age, any condition, anyone can build a better body! ( beginner, intermediate and advanced)
  •  Clear instruction, it’s like having a PT in the room with you.
  •  Includes nutritional advice, which is so important to get results, including what to take around exercise
  •  Developed by Robert Forster a PT that has has worked with top athletes such as Pete Sampras, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Florence “Flo-Jo” Joyner, Greg Foster, Allyson Felix, as well as weight management clients looking to burn fat. Thirty years of experience in a set of 13 DVDs! He learnt from his work with endurance athletes how to burn fat as an energy source, rather than carbs.

Why step up your Strength Training as you age?

“By your mid-30s, most people still look young, but are already experiencing the BIG Three of aging: deteriorating lean muscle mass, worsening posture, and crumbling joints” say Robert Forster, Physical Therapist and PT.

Many people say that, as they age, they eat and exercise the same amount but still gain weight. One of the main causes of this is loss of muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. Strength training preserves and even increases muscle mass, keeping metabolism at a high level.

The key to sustainable weight loss (as opposed to the “yoyo” weight loss and weight gain of trendy weight loss fads) is a high resting metabolic rate.

Include Stretching Into Your Daily Routine

stretching-24-fit-workoutStretching only takes a moment, yet most of us don’t do it at all, and because we don’t, our bodies could be subject to unnecessary pain.

“It comes to my attention that people spend more time on the health of their teeth than they do the rest of their body,” said physical therapist and develeoper of the 24 Fit Workout Robert Forster

Forster says we don’t even do the basics to keep our system running smoothly, namely simple stretching.

“The fascia, the tendons the ligaments, they by nature tighten over time. If you leave them unstretched, they will shorten,” Forster said.

And that shortening alters the position of joints at the bone, which causes poor posture, and that can lead to injury. Many of us sit for long periods of time, and that can result in tight hip joints, which can affect the spine.

Slouching at the computer or car causes the chest to tighten, head to jut forward and the upper back is thrown out of alignment, creating a host of hurt. But small stretch breaks throughout the day can really help.

Include stretching into your daily routine with the 24 Fit Workout. Thats clear instruction on a set of 13 DVDs backed up with Forster’s 30 years of experience.

Robert Forster developed the Herbalife24FIT program with Herbalife. He is one of the leading physical therapists for athletes, both recreational and elite. Over the course of his 30-year career, he has successfully trained Olympic gold medalists, U.S. Open and Wimbledon champions, NBA superstars and triathlon world-record holders. Tired of encountering ill-advised training programs that only cause more injury, Robert created a new approach to physical therapy, which is divided into phases that follow the body’s natural healing and growth patterns.