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H24 Fit Workout DVD Set

Herbalife presents the H24 Fit Workout DVD set, a programme designed by Robert Forster who is a renowned physical therapist and performance specialist to world-class athletes. Achieving a better, stronger more capable body is now within your grasp. Why is

Pre, During And Post Exercise Nutrition

A physically active lifestyle or sports person requires a nutritional plan that provides additional good quality calories and nutrients to replace those used or depleted in exercise. Exercise drains nutrients from the body, can you gain them from fruits and vegetables

Best Food Before A Workout

Director of Sports and Fitness at Herbalife, John Heiss is often asked about how athletes can improve their performance.  His response: It comes down to sports nutrition – you need to feed your body what it needs so that it

Strength Training For Women

Tom Holland makes a contribution to an article on the merits of strength training for women. The article is called ” 8 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights”.  The benefits of strength training ( resistance training) go beyond sculpting a